Python client for Energy Quantified’s Time Series API

Release 0.13.5 (Installation)

Apache License version 2.0 Python 3.7+ PyPI – Wheel

The official Python library for Energy Quantified’s Time Series API. It allows you to access thousands of data series directly from Energy Quantified’s time series database. It integrates with the popular pandas library for high-performance data analysis and manipulation.

Developed for Python 3.7+.

from datetime import date, timedelta
from energyquantified import EnergyQuantified

# Initialize client
eq = EnergyQuantified(api_key='<insert api key here>')

# Free-text search (filtering on attributes is also supported)
curves = eq.metadata.curves(q='de wind production actual')

# Load time series data
curve = curves[0]
timeseries = eq.timeseries.load(
    curve, - timedelta(days=10),

# Convert to Pandas data frame
df = timeseries.to_dataframe()


  • Simple authentication

  • Metadata caching

  • Rate-limiting and automatic retries on network errors

  • Full-text search and keyword search for curves and powerplants

  • Forecasts- and time series data

  • Period-based data

  • OHLC data with SRMC calculations

  • Shows your subscription for each data series

  • Support for timezones, resolutions, aggregations and unit conversions

  • Easy-to-use filters for issue dates and forecast types

  • Push feed for live updates on data modifications

  • Integrates with pandas

Note: A user account is required to use this client. You can create one on Energy Quantified’s home page.


The Energy Quantified Python client is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.

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