Realto users

Realto runs an API marketplace for the digital exchange of energy data and services. Energy Quantified has made its API available on their platform for a few selected countries.

This page gives a short introduction on how to get started with Energy Quantified’s Python library for Realto users.

If you have an Energy Quantified user account, you should read the quickstart guide instead.

2-minute guide

There are almost no differences in using the API directly from Energy Quantified or through the Realto marketplace.

However, authentication works differently. Read Authentication for Realto users to learn how to connect to the API with a Realto account.


Read the 2-minute quickstart guide, but follow the instructions above on how to authenticate instead.

Differences for Realto users

The Energy Quantified API is split by country on Realto. So, you must specify which country you would like to connect to when initializing the Python client.

A client authenticated to the German API on Realto will not be able to see or download data for any other country. If you subscribe to multiple Energy Quantified products on Realto, you can initialize one client per country:

>>> from energyquantified import RealtoConnection
>>> # Connect to the German data API
>>> eq_de = RealtoConnection(
>>>     api_url=RealtoConnection.API_URL_GERMANY,
>>>     api_key='abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw'
>>> )
>>> # Connect to the French data API
>>> eq_fr = RealtoConnection(
>>>     api_url=RealtoConnection.API_URL_FRANCE,
>>>     api_key='abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw'
>>> )

There are five countries available as of this writing:


These variables are nothing else than strings of the base URL for the specific API on Realto:

>>> RealtoConnection.API_URL_GERMANY

So if Energy Quantified adds more products to the Realto marketplace – but hasn’t updated the client yet – you can set the api_url parameter to the base URL of those API’s.

What is available on Realto?

Operations for the following data types are enabled in the Realto integration:

The Curve search is also enabled, so that you can search for and discover data series. All functions for converting API responses to pandas.DataFrame objects are also working.

The API operations for OHLC data and SRMC calculations are unfortunately not available to Realto users.

Next steps

Then we recommend getting familiar with terminology and data types used in the Energy Quantified API and in the Energy Quantified Python library: